About Us

Where the journey began

I was very blessed to have an early start in my career in the financial services industry as a Freshman in college. This is when I began an internship, with a Fortune 500 financial services company, which was ranked top in the nation. This internship program was very unique, as it provided me an opportunity to become fully securities licensed and work directly with my clients.

My passion and book of business grew quickly as I saw the impact I was able to make on the lives of my clients early on. By my senior year, I became a top producing intern of over 2,500 interns across the nation. More importantly, I learned invaluable life and business lessons through the hands on experience the internship provided me. 

Shortly upon graduation, I passed the CFP exam and satisfied the requirements of hands on planning experience to obtain the CFP designation, the most distinguished financial planning designation in the financial planning industry. 

As my passion and knowledge grew for helping clients grow and protect their wealth, so did my dissatisfaction for a lot of what I observed in the financial services industry.

 I recognized that, although most Advisors have the best intentions to serve clients with their best interest in mind, the business model of most financial service firms are not always designed to best serve clients in all situations.

The next level

After studying the marketplace and deeply reflecting on the vision I had for my business, I committed to a vision of collaborating closely with my clients in an environment where conflict of interest was minimized. In order to best serve my clients over the long-term, I decided to set up my own registered investment advisory firm that was completely independent.

Since our firm does not offer the sale of any commissioned investment products, my sole focus is on providing sound planning advice and guidance that leads to real results.

With a clear and transparent business model, my clients know exactly what they are paying and what to expect.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to help and be an integral part of my clients’ journey to financial independence!

– Henry Hoang, CFP

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