Our Process

Say goodbye to the days of working with an Advisor who hands you a big 3 ring binder with hundreds of pages of data and colorful charts, only leaving you feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start.

Say goodbye to being left to hang dry when the time comes to actually take action to achieve your goals.

Say goodbye to the feeling of regret when you’ve discovered that you haven’t made much progress from the previous year.

Our planning clients will work with a CFP closely with a process designed to achieve real results. 

Phase Cycle
We collaborate as a team and remain engaged in a full 12 month period to ensure success.

In order to achieve meaningful results, I take our clients through a thoughtful planning process that is purposeful so you can reach your next level. Here are the three phases we will be navigating together:

Phase 1 - Strategize

Live calls with a CFP to work through your plan together.

  • Strategy Call – Layout the roadmap for planning process, set clear expectations, get acquainted with technology and client portal

  • Vision & Goals Discussion – A strong plan starts with a compelling vision of what you want and a clear understanding around why you are looking to accomplish your goals. Together we will work to set SMART Goals
    • Specific, Measureable, Action-oriented, Relevant, Time-Bound

  • Analyze – Benchmark current situation with goals, evaluate your options, review recommendations

  • Game plan – Agreed upon goals, tasks, and time lines

Phase 2 - Execute

We will clearly define:

  • Who is responsible for each action

  • What needs to be done

  • How it will be done

  • When it needs to be done by

Phase 3 - Achieve and Reflect

Ongoing support to ensure results

  • Regularly checking in and accountability to ensure goals are met

  • Occasionally taking a step back to consciously reflect on your progress and on the bigger picture

  • Making adjustments only as needed

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