Who We Serve

Our clients represent a wide variety of occupations ranging from software engineers to business owners.

Although they come from different backgrounds, most of our clients typically fall under one or more of the following demographics:

  • Between the ages of 35-45
  • Married with children
  • Have a household income of at least 150k and are growing in their careers

Three Wealth Building Stages

During my career, I have discovered that mastering the skills needed to build wealth goes beyond earning a high income.

There are plenty of high income earners who are struggling to get started in their wealth building journey. On the other hand, there are plenty of average wage earners who have amassed a significant amount of wealth by practicing the correct principles in building wealth over time.

A successful journey begins with knowing where you stand today and where your destination is.

Our clients today tend to fit best in one of these three stages:


Common Challenges


Just getting started on your journey

Common Challenges:

  • Not sure about setting the right goals
  • Not saving consistently
  • Lacking discipline in your personal finances
  • Not sure where to begin
  • Need clarity on budget


On the right path to financial security

Common Challenges:

  • Struggling to go deeper with goal setting
  • Looking for an in-depth review of your financial picture
  • Need help with prioritizing goals
  • Deciding where and how to best invest in order to achieve goals
  • Seeking the right guidance and accountability towards your goals
  • Looking to improve communication and synergy around finances with your significant other


On your way to achieving financial independence

Common Challenges:

  • Facing challenging personal or professional decisions that will have a major impact on your finances
  • Protecting your personal and business assets from outside parties
  • Seeking ways to make the most impact with the resources you’ve accumulated
  • Very sensitive to taxes overall and seeking ways to invest more tax efficiently
  • Determining the best approach to distributing your assets

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Common characteristics and values shared by our existing clients

Although every individual has a unique story and set of circumstances, I have observed that my most successful clients share similar values.

Whether working with us on financial planning or investment management services, these are some of the common characteristics our clients value and strive towards:

Open communication

Valuing our high trust relationship and understand that open communication is a key ingredient to success.


Checking their ego at the door in order to receive valuable advice in a productive manner .

Growth Oriented

Understanding financial success correlates with emotional, physical, spiritual, and relational success and knowing that there is always opportunity for growth.

Open Minded

Willing to challenge their belief system in order to accomplish their goals.


Not looking to follow the crowd, but rather seeking meaningful results.

Self Made

Working hard to reach their goals and understand the true value of hard work.

Family Oriented

Willing to make short term sacrifices in order to provide opportunities and improve the lives of their family.

Committed to practicing discipline

Understanding that achieving sustainable results requires discipline over a long period of time.

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