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Thoughtful Guidance

We understand that it is challenging to find an Advisor who can create a meaningful financial plan.

It is even more challenging to find an Advisor who will provide the support and guidance needed to execute your plan.

At Bright Wealth Advisors, we will meet you exactly where you stand today and provide the tools to help you achieve your goals.

Collaborate with a CFP®

  • Build a customized personal financial plan
  • Prioritize your goals effectively
  • Organize and simplify your finances

Receive World-Class Coaching

  • Fiduciary advice with your best interest in mind 100% of the time
  • Easy to understand action steps on a clear timeline.
  • Take ownership of your plan with effective accountability

Achieve Your Goals

  • Real time goal tracking
  • Ongoing support year round to ensure results
  • Create and refine successful wealth-building habits

What We Offer

Receive a custom plan and hands on coaching from a Certified Financial Planner to achieve your financial goals.

Build wealth and improve lifetime returns through a professionally designed investment portfolio and real-time counseling.

Receive guidance to resolve a specific issue in a timely manner.

Where are you struggling with your financial goals?

  • Are you overwhelmed with the endless amount of resources offering financial advice?
  • Are you struggling to prioritize your goals?
  • Is the advice you’re receiving too complicated to execute?
  • Are you concerned that your advisor may not have your best interest in mind?
  • Do you feel uncertain about where to start?
  • Is it time to update and upgrade your financial plan?
  • Do you wish you had someone who could communicate concisely and lead you to the results you are seeking?
  • Are you worried about the ‘what if’s’ that can derail your personal finances?

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Meet Henry

I am fed up as you are of financial institutions that are more concerned about their own profits than they are your success.

I believe you deserve a Financial Advisor who will take the time to understand your situation and help you create a thoughtful plan that you can understand and follow.

I firmly believe an experienced Advisor, who is held to the highest industry standards, can help transform your situation.

By working closely together, we will help you gain confidence and peace of mind by providing sound advice in a simplified manner.

I’m excited to combine my experience, knowledge and leadership to help you reach your next level!

– Henry Hoang, CFP

Learn more about Henry and the founding of BWA.

We are based in Orange County, California and we serve our clients virtually throughout the United States.